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Insurance Professional Sales Tips - Do Worthless Insurance Purchases Bother You?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Insurance Professional sales tips rarely reveal the split personality of many insurance sellers. The agent may sell prospects worthless insurance purchases initially while closely reviewing all insurance later. See how these sales practices are so unprofessional, yet how frequently they are used.

Beneath the clean cut skin of an insurance sales agent is often a diamond-eyed, double talking boneless reptile with one goal.. That goal is to always make a money-making sale, needed or not. A word of caution though, a stack of bills to pay, can transform an honest agent into a very slippery snake. What else makes this agent make sales in a manner that no insurance professional would normally do?

The sales tips the agent were originally taught is the cause of evil devious doings. The agent eyes converge on commission spotlights. Instead, the agent must focus the center of attention towards what is right for the prospect. Nevertheless, most agents do not experience a guilt trip if they have someone purchase a rather useless insurance policy. If a prospect needs a major medical plan, should sales of accident only coverage or cancer insurance be offered? What if the prospect says the major medical coverage is not affordable? Then should the agent walk away with no sale, or convince the prospect that cancer insurance or accident only coverage might at least be a partial solution, thereby making the sale?

Tomorrow, the day after the say, is always a time of reckoning for the agent. Either the manager will give out a tongue lash for not making a sale, or give a pat on the back for at least selling something. My sales tips indicate some unprofessional truth. Even when an agent finally becomes a professional, they still revert to making any kind of sale on their first visit. Few are truly professional enough to walk straight away, knowing that making the wrong sale is easy on the wallet and hard on the conscience.

If an insurance agent lasts long enough to review his present clients insurance, suddenly wings of an angel start to sprout. Here is where the policy review session reveals all. The insured brings out all life and health insurance in effect bought from any agent. Immediately an experienced agent can spot if there is a huge unfilled gap in insurance coverage. Also uncovered are any worthless insurance purchases made by the client. Here again $$ cloud the agents eyes. Two paths are available, but which should be taken?

The easy path is the least challenging, and has the largest change of success, however it is not professional. The insurance agent has to simply crumble up the unnecessary policies bought, and tell the client it was good the coverage was not used. Then these premiums are used to pay for some added coverage that the client needs. Same payments and better coverage can sound like a winner.

A true winner (professional) agent bets on personal quality and skills, with the determination to do a better job. He or she risks it all by telling the policyholder that all the coverage owned may be outdated. Purchasing proper life insurance, major medical, and disability income might mean a 50% increase in yearly premiums. Dropping less critical coverage might lower the amount of increase. Does the client want the best possible coverage for the least money, or does the client want every agent that comes along to write another insurance policy?

These are Insurance Professional Sales Tips that require ethics that many money hungry agents will never acquire.

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