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How To Make Your Budget Work

Thursday, July 31, 2014

There are a lot of things on a family's budget, and it is essential to spend on necessities. Often times, it can be difficult to decide which ones should stay or go on the budget. There are things that can help them free up some dollars.

Discount coupons are one of the things that budget-conscious individuals love, and it is obvious why. Buying something that is 10 to 30 percent less its original price will leave them some extra cash which can be used for other expenses. Of course more coupons mean more savings.

Checking one's receipt and change after every transaction can also help them spot any inaccurate amount, especially when paying in cash. Cashiers are humans, too, and are also capable of making mistakes. Before leaving the counter, customers must make sure that the purchases on their receipt are correct and they were given the right change.

Shopping during a sale may seem like the best idea, however, spending money that one has not earned yet can cause a tremendous dent on his or her budget. There is no point in buying something that a person or their family doesn't really need. If a person charges an item on his or her credit card and fails to pay it on time, the charges they will occur might double that of what they purchased. Credit card companies often charge a late or over the limit fees on accounts that were not paid on time. Sticking to the budget is always the best way to go.

Utility bills are also something that can be managed. Parents need to teach their children how to conserve water and electricity, so they do not have to pay more than their budget would allow. Not only do they save money in conserving electricity, parents also get to train their children on how to take care of the environment.

Walking instead of using the car saves a person a substantial amount on money and also promotes physical fitness. When going to nearby locations, it would be best to jog or bike to conserve gas, save money, and be environmentally friendly.

Moreover, making just the necessary calls can help you save on phone bills. Knowing how to eliminate your cell phone bill charges can also take out any unnecessary amount. You should carefully go through your utility bills prior to making a payment. There may be some erroneous charges that need to be taken out.

Online Auto Insurance- Tricks to Save: Loan Insurance US

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Online Auto Insurance Quote: Readying Yourself

Doing Research?

So you have been doing some research into online car insurance quote, right? That’s smart. After all, you are going to have to pay from your pocket. Perhaps a few dollars could save you on your kid’s gourmet. And you are looking for the best quote that really saves you.

Ads, you know, tell you you can save in hundreds. And they are only a click away. You shop around, providing the information they ask for. You have your quote instantly. Super-easy! Great pro!

Readying Yourself

So, what are the tricks? Do you need some prep? Yes! You save on the info you provide them. So get some preparation. Ready yourself with the information you will have to provide. You will have to provide three types of info. You find some information you are ready to tell. Some information will leave you uncomfortable.  And some other information needs education.

Ready to Tell

You can easily share some information about yourself and your car. You are to provide your name, email address, zip code, road name, date of birth, current age, sex, educational qualification, employment status, occupation, marital status etc. You also need to tell them if you own a house or not. 

Some basic information about your car is commonly answerable. You need to mention how you own the car. That is to say you have to tell if it is full-paid, leased or financed. You need to cite the name, model, and year the car was manufactured. If your car has security adds-on is also their concern. You also need to tell if your car is already insured. If yes, you have to tell which company it was insured with, when it was insured last and when it is to expire. Whether you are going to have more than one car insured is also needed as an answer.. 

You have also to refer to the age of the auto, what primary purpose you use it for, how many miles you run it every day. You also require mentioning the names of the probable drivers. Young adults above fourteen are to be enlisted as drivers; no matter they are trained or not. The net worth of the auto is also asked for mention. Your credit score is also asked for.  Your driving record of last 3 to ten years is also asked for. You are to tell if you have had any driving issues like accident or violation. Question about the risk factor also comes in the way.

Leaves You Uncomfortable

Most people find it bothering to mention their Social Security Number (SSN). It is optional often, though. For some it is uncomfortable to mention their telephone or cell phone number.

A Bit of Education

You may be asked if you need DUI or DWI, OUI coverage. These terms respectively mean driving under influences, driving under intoxication and operating under influences. Very plainly, these interchangeable terms mean if you are alcoholic during driving or not. The terms are to be learned. They may sound sensitive to many to answer. Another question that pops up is if you need towing and labor coverage. Towing is the dragging of your vehicle when stuck somewhere and doing towing involves labor coverage. Then there are the SR22, SR 44, FR 44 questions. As regards what the initials indicate are unknown even to the insurance world people and DMV officials. Despite different names, these certificates (not policies) are same. Your insurance company certifies that you have the minimum coverage when you have certain road-rule violations.

How Quotes Come Cheap

As already mentioned, it is the information that you provide that determines your quote. You save on them. You do not save on them. It is important to get all the bits handy before you apply for a quote. It is also important to decide which information you are going to share and how. This matters. But being truthful is wise. 

Never Do That

Yes, the most important thing to remember about getting an online car insurance quote is to be ready to inform more and more. Perhaps you will prefer an insurer with fewer questions to another that asks more questions. Never do that. The insurer that asks you more questions has better possibilities for you. They have more determining factors to help you and give you a better quote. You can save your best with them. On other hand, few questions mean you are being deprived of many opportunities that might lower your quote.

Some Good Places to Get a Quote from:

Esurance.com provides you with quotes with side-by-side information of the coverage that you choose to buy, that others in your situation are buying and that standard buyers are spending for. Esurance also tells how much you are saving. You can mail the report to yourself or to any other person instantly from this site. You provide them a wide range of information. That is why I have kept it on top.

Findthebest.com’s being in the second position does not mean it is less significant. In fact it is a wonderful place for you for getting a quote. You can shop around from here. All the insurers are here to give you their quotes. You check one by one to truly find the best. Findthebest is really as it sounds like. A great feature of this site is that users rate their companies. So you have a one-stone-two-birds experience here.

DMV.org is another name for trust for many. Though the site is personally owned, usefulness has given it a brand-like name. You may take a tour here.

Insurance.com has a catchy slogan—Real Quotes, Real Savings, Real Fast. To check how they work, you can visit their homepage for a quote.

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Appointment Setting Scripts For the Insurance Professional

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Whether you are selling home, life, auto or even health insurance getting an appointment often means the difference between getting "I'll think about it" and "let's get this going now". Those who don't know how to set appointments quickly get out of the business because they just can't the policies.

Setting appointments in the insurance industry is different than other businesses. With complex jargon, confusing fees, and multiple payment options prospects are often skeptical. They think you are just trying to add on additional coverage to get a "bigger commission". They don't seem to understand that you are trying to protect them. If you could just sit down with them 1 on 1 you could help them to see the benefits in that extra coverage.

In insurance the more appointments you set the more policies you will be closing daily. In fact if you dedicated two and a half hours a day on the phone to just booking appointments you would have a 7 figure business in insurance. Most agents are so busy running around town or dealing with claims that they barely dedicate an hour a day to new business. When you consider the rewards of time spent booking appointments for your insurance business it is a virtual "no brainer" to master the art of appointment setting scripts.

To set more appointments for your insurance business I invite you to consider the following tips:

  1. Give them a reason to meet with you - Most agents pitch in their sales scripts that they can save the prospect money or they can do a "free review" of existing policies. Prospects know these tricks and they won't be listening when you make those types of statements. Instead of telling them why they should meet with you consider piquing their interest. For example you could ask them "Would it be worth 17 minutes of your time to save 17% or more on all of your insurance policies?"
  2. Give them options - People don't like to be told what to do. When you want more appointments give your prospects the option of choosing what time they will meet with you. By simply providing them two options you can easily double your appointment count weekly. Consider giving them different day and time options for maximum success.

As you are calling and using appointment setting scripts for your insurance business I invite you to consider giving your prospects options and piquing their interest in a manner that compels them to want to meet with you!

Dive in today to a free, power packed, sales script course that will have you doubling your appointments. Discover 67 interest piquing questions that selling in my free sales course - www.QuestionsThatSell.com

Compulsory Auto Insurance Explained - Read Carefully: Loan Insurance US

Monday, July 28, 2014



Insurance Before Car - Why?

Even before you have the key of your new auto in your hand, experts advise you to get some auto insurance knowledge. You might think it is a trick propagated by the car insurance companies. You are wrong. They say so because the moment you sit behind the wheel, you are responsible for your safety. Also, you need auto insurance for abiding by your state law. Not getting an insurance policy may prevent you from having your car registered unless the state law offers you a waiver. Caught without, you may be fined up to a thousand dollars!

But car insurance is something you just cannot go shopping and get. At least, you should not. Why? You might ask. Because, auto insurance has no cash value. That is, you keep paying unless you are unluckily luckily unlucky to meet a mishap to get anything.

To Understand Your Compulsory Policy

You need to have your knowledge-base of auto insurance ready before you go shopping. The very first thing you should know is about the types of auto insurance that exist out there. That is to say, you need to know -

what type of car insurance you are buying.
what it covers for you.
what price you are going to pay for it.

So it is good to know that auto insurance policies largely fall in two major categories—

Compulsory that you are obliged by your state law to purchase. ( Compulsory Insurance Policy does not cover loss or damage to your auto.) And,

Optional that you may buy at your sweet will.

Let me throw some light on the compulsory category today —

The Compulsory insurance come in parts or different policies. The difference are based in the characteristics of coverages that each offer. You compulsory coverage is defined by your state law. So a compulsory coverage in your state may be an optional coverage in another, or vice-versa. The following policies are compulsory almost USA-wise where auto insurance is mandatory.

Personal Injury Protection 

is popularly known by its acronym PIP. Its coverage includes basic economic protection for you in case of an accident that you cause or you are caused to.PIP is known as no-fault policy as your insurance coverage works no matter who is at fault.

As per your state law, you will require to have a minimum or minimum-plus-as-you-like coverage for each of the first three of the following coverages: 

Medical expenses are covered as stated in the contract between you and the insurance company you signed up with.

Compensation for your wages loss for the injury that you have sustained because of an accident.

Replacement Services Pay  works if you need to employ someone for you inability to work due to the accident.

Funeral Expenses may also be covered under many company products.

Beneficiaries are anyone on board during the accident, including the driver you approved for driving the auto.

PIP is compulsory in Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Utah. 


is your compulsory car insurance policy that pays to another driver when you cause an accident. For the other driver to claim the compensation, he requires to prove that you are at fault. Liability is known as at-fault because it works when you are at fault or responsible for a mishap. Liability falls in the following two groups:

Bodily Injury Liability works when you cause bodily injury or death to another driver.It has two limits--one for single person and the other for more than one person.If more than two persons are affected, the total coverage will split. 

Property Damage Liability works when you cause damage to another’s property like home-boundary, garden, fence etc.

Your state law will require to buy a minimum or minimum-plus coverage. The coverage is $100000 in most states. 

Liability Insurance is compulsory in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine.

Under-insured/Un-insured is the car insurance policy that covers medical expenses beyond your PIP coverage. The insurance company pays for your medical expenses for this part when you are victim of an accident and the driver that caused you accident is under-insured or does not have enough liability coverage for your treatment. Similarly if he is uninsured you will get medical benefits if you have the coverage.Uninsured or Underinsured comes in two limits--for single person and for more than one person. The coverage splits when there are more than two persons involved. 

Un-insured/Under-insured is mandatory in Minnesota, New York and Virgin Island.

How to Go?

Shop as much as possible. Ten is best. Go both online and offline. Get quotes.
Compare not only the prices but also the coverage levels. Give thinking time to decide between the good, better and best.  

The best is the one that takes the least and guarantees the highest. 

Ask your broker or agent if there are ways to lower the price. 

Think if the add-ons (if any) are necessary at all. If a few bits ensure potentially big bucks, it is probably okay. 

Make sure the insurer is state-approved.

Listen to what everyone says—keep the deductible high to save money now. 

PIP is where it is good to make a handsome purchase. 

For more tips read my article: Auto Insurance for You: the Golden Rules

A Personal Explanation
Details of coverages are not given here as I think it is wise to check them for yourself. They may vary from insurer to insurer as well.

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Get Professional Insurance for You to Enjoy the Splendid Benefits of the World

Friday, July 25, 2014

Insurance whether of life, vehicle, health or even property has become a part and parcel of our lives in today's time. You never know which mishap may crop up suddenly which you need to deal in that urgency of time. In such cases insurance seems to be the apt choice for many as it aids the individual with the appropriate necessitates in the rush hour.

Ironically, getting insurance is very easy but getting the best which suits and covers all your requirements is very tough. In such a case it is always advisable to seek professional insurance guidance. Thus with such a guidance of elevated experts, it confers all its patrons with esteemed after sale service facilities.

There are many insurance agencies doing the run of the mill job. Out of all, very few only have expertise knowledge to cater professional insurance to us which seems tailor -made to us and our family. Insurance agencies should not be chosen on the basis name or fame, rather the policies they offer with their benefits. Since future cannot be predicted, it is wise to insure your loved ones as well as your loving valuables that you do not want to part away very easily. By taking insurance you, your valuables and your dear one's are all protected against unforeseen risks.

Very few insurance companies give you a true value for your money regardless to the numerous promises they swear to make. A professional insurance, though how well it seems, may or may not fulfill all your desired needs. Hence a special care should be taken in analyzing all its pros and cons.

Insurances have somewhat become an indispensable part of our lives in this era of great financial burden. As a matter of fact the number of insurance agencies has also increased exponentially. With such striving competition one feels perplexed in what to choose and what not to. Many life insurance companies offer a range of health insurances some are cashless while some are not. Thus, a good care of such a scenario should be taken. Even the vehicle and life insurance policies that one may plan to take up might have some hidden loop holes. With so much of confusion it is always advised to take up professional insurance advice that will clearly help you identify all its features.

Apart from the people yearning to take up insurance policies, even the insurance giving organizations also do research about the whereabouts of the applicants. So a proper one to one analysis of each other is done. This seems a bit necessary on the part of insurance agencies as many people do fake up documents in order to get the supreme gains of these policies, and with so much corruption these days, it all seems a common ground for such type of activities. Therefore in order to achieve the best, a continuous survey is done to facilitate yourself with the most profitable and advantageous schemes from the pool of webs.

Choose wisely as these professional insurance can turn your life upside down!

Credit Unions, their Membership & Banks- Very Essential Questions Answered

Credit Union: the What and the How

Credit Union and The Merchant of Venice

With life becoming tremendously expensive, loans are taking consumeristic dimensions. This is not untrue of the people walking out in the streets. You have to be financially cultured nowadays to live the life you call modern. Does it sound grim?
Well, if you admit it you should be happy that you do not live in the age of Antonio, the Merchant of Venice protagonist. Hopefully there are banks. More hopefully, there are the community banks—the credit unions.

Credit unions—why more hopefully? Because being non-profit, they charge you at a much less interest rate than a bank does. You pay an APR much less than what you pay to your bank. This is the prime reason they are popular for.

So you have a hint at what (and why too) credit unions are! YES…

Credit Unions 

are banks of a type or a type of bank…. however the definition fits for you. However, it is ‘of a type’ because it is framed to work its own way that very much differs from a bank. It is more a cooperative than a bank while a bank is all the way down a bank, never a credit union or co-operative.

That Is to Say…

Credit Unions provide you several, many or even all the services of a traditional bank. You can…

deposit money with them into

your checking account or savings account

as well as

borrow money from them as

personal loans, mortgage loans, equity loans, student loans, auto loans, bike loans, home loans the whole gamut of it.

like you can get (them) from a bank!

They provide you (any of these) services only when you are a member with them. Remember however, they are not open for you like a bank. You are to be eligible for this. And your eligibility builds..


You are member of a common bond society. Didn’t get it? Perhaps you remember guilds from your reading of Chaucer. Common bond for a credit union stands much the same with the Chaucerian guilds. You are in a common bond when you are a member of….

a community like a church, an office or any organization.

Here is an excerpt from Georgia United’s eligibility list to make your understanding clearer:
When it comes to membership, Georgia United offers lots of ways to qualify!
You’re eligible for membership if you belong to any one of the following member groups:
·         Catholic Community (Members and employees)
·         Georgia Tech (Faculty and staff)
·         Employees and retirees of Select Employee Groups, and Georgia State Agencies (including all state agencies, colleges, and universities)
·         School Systems
·         UGA Community (Faculty, staff, students, and alumni)
·         Immediate family members of a Georgia United member or an eligible non-member
·         Persons residing in the same household as a Georgia United member or eligible non-member
·         Volunteers of any school, church, parish, hospital or association within Georgia United’s field of membership
·         County Employees of Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG)
Persons who live in the following areas are also welcomed to join us:
·         Clarke County
·         City of Cumming
·         City of Norcross
·         DeKalb County
·         Forsyth County
·         Gwinnett County
·         Henry County
·         Laurens County
·         Rockdale County
·         Whitfield CountyExpand allCollapse all

In fact, there are THREE ways bonds work—

ONE, community bond, TWO,association bond and THREE, occupation bond.

So, if you are a member of a certain church and that church is registered with a credit union, you build up the community bond eligibility.  Similarly you are considered eligible when you have lived in a county as a permanent resident.  These are examples.
On the other hand, you stand eligible to be a credit union member if you are occupationally bonded. For example, if you are a nurse in Bear Valley and you are member of Bear Valley Nurses’ Association, you stand eligible for becoming a member of a credit union working there.

Likewise, if you are an auto-mechanic in Bakersfield and a member of Bakersfield Auto-Electric-Plumber Union (supposed), you build eligibility to be a member of a credit union there.

If …

You do not fall in any of the groups mentioned above but anyone of your family or immediate family is already a member of a credit union, s/he goes to make you eligible. So cheers! It may prove helpful to know that your employer is often a member of a credit union.

To Build More Calories

of knowledge only that you need to read this part of the discussion. Else you may SKIP it. Credit unions are not banks in that they are not financed by moguls’ money to do money biz. These are, rather, your banks. They lend you from the money that thousands of members like you deposit with them. So you are not a client with them. Instead, you are owner of the bank. You vote for the management and even may be a member of it. You are a both a lender and a borrower with your credit union. The difference with a bank is big here. However bolder in font size a bank’s logo declares it is your bank, you actually are never a part of it. But you own your credit union, collectively.

The Way You Go at It

If you have already decided, you should be a member of a credit union, go ahead the following way—

Find a credit union in your area and talk to the officials in person. Get some reference or recommendation from another common bond member (or your employer). Either physical or documentary reference or recommendation will do.
If you have no idea about the existence of a credit union in your area, take help of the online locator from — mycreditunion.gov
If you are applying online, follow the instructions given to you. Even then you will need to see the officials in person. 
Get the documentary back-ups like your photos, ID, social security number, driving license or recent utility bills.  These are only for identifying purposes.

Be ready with 15 to 20 dollars with you for enrollment and the first deposit. Enrollment fee is often ten dollars while the monthly deposit you are going to have to pay as a member is usually minimally five dollars. 
Fill the application form as directed and make a deposit.

That’s it!

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Buy Used Car: An NSA Affair -- Loan Insurance US

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Second-hand Car Buying:  No Rush

Rita Desai's Story

Imagine a genie, holding his palms out at you. If you choose me you could be living in the mars — his right hand offer says. His left hand says—If you choose me, you will have a US green card. For many, I believe, the left hand offer will weigh weightier. America has been the dream of the world for the fortune seekers, not mars. 

Rita Desai’s story is something like that. While she had a PhD for a groom in her own country India, her parents chose a store clerk Nagarjun Patel for her in 2006. The reason is obvious— Patel’s US citizenship. Rita emigrated to the US in October, 2007, almost a year later. She joined a departmental store as a salesclerk. For two years, they saved for a new car. But finally they understood it was not easy. They opted for a used car. 
Their hearts were full of thrill and joy when they got the key of the little man. Rita was happy it was purple, her favorite color. She was happier she could support her husband. Patel was no less happy. It was the biggest gift he was giving to her newly-wed wife. 

Soon, their joys knew bounds. In a matter of months the car began to show symptoms that it was a repainted junk. True none of Rita or Patel’s family members back in India had a car, but it would be better if they had none of this sort here either. The lamented. 

Why did this happen? A simple mistake—they did not know how they should have proceeded. Keeping Rita and Patel’s story in view, I am giving you some influential tips as regards buying a used car. Hope you will find them useful. 

Familiarity Breeds Confidence

Yes, familiarity does not only breed contempt but also creates confidence. THIS is true when it comes to buying a used or old car. It is good if the seller is familiar with you. Some friend, colleague or relative can be a good choice. The reason is these people will be respectful to the bond that they have with you. You can take it almost granted.

ON THE OTHER HAND, you may have first-hand knowledge of the used car you are going to buy from any of them. You have the mental peace you need when you buy a second-hand car from them.

There is more to it. These people are not commercial. And they will not bargain with you. You buy the car pretty hassle-free.

Have a Hawk’s Eye

While buying a car, the first thing we attach importance to is its looks. Don’t be carried away by the external beauty of a used car. That beauty is only skin-deep is nowhere more true than here. Beauty counts while you are buying a new car. Don’t just fall for it as soon as you see it (Unless you have that good eyes, of course.) Scrutinize it up and down. See if it is alright everywhere — no rust, no scratch, no fixes. Okay? Then proceed to talks. 

Lend Your Ears

Are you a good driver? That is good. Take a test drive. Keep your ears open so that you understand how the car serves. Ears, you know, are often better than the eyes. Isn’t this true about driving? And if you think you need more experience to test the car, go get a driver you know or trust. 

Get a Selfie

A car is no less important that a girl-friend, is it? (an innocent attitude!) So you should have an imagery of a selfie of yourself. How are you going to feel in it? If you think it is going to be alright then you may go ahead. Else, you are going to resell it sooner than you thought you would use it. Make this mind thing a family issue. Or it should be a family issue if you are not single. Take your dear ones to see the car. Make sure everyone likes it. 

Take It NSA-way  

Yes, sometimes it so happens we decide so quickly. While buying an old car, you had better take it no-string-attached way. Remember you are doing commerce. So be wise to have a commercial attitude. Think about the resale value of the car. Think about how long it is going to serve you hassle free. Think about what mileage it is going to give you. Do not ignore the issue of if it can fulfill the purpose you are buying it for. Also think how long it has already been used for. Be sure if you are going to have to invest for repairing it. Get help of a mechanic. Add the probable cost to the price you are going to have to pay. 

You must have been gasping reading so much, right? Okay, before I finish…

Who, Where, Wherever

It is important to take who you are buying a used car for. If it is a dealer, make sure you double-check everything. Often, they present you with old wine in new bottle. If it is from some online store, do not count on the image or information they provide. Make sure they have their showroom around. Visit it in person. 

And wherever you buy your old car from, make sure all the necessary documents are okay.


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