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When You Might Need To Worry About A Transportation Bond

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Most of the time, if you have ever encountered the term "transportation bond" it is something you are asked to vote for or against and it has to do with your local or state government planning to fund some kind of transportation project such as a road or a rail line. A different meaning does exist. A bond may also be a guarantee of something, a specific insurance policy written to protect you from some type of wrong-doing by a company you have hired. It may in fact also cover some sort of breakdown on your part such as withholding payment or not paying on time. But, in this case, this type of surety bond is designed for your protection.

Occasionally, you might have need of having something transported by a professional company. Instances like this might include when you are moving and all your worldly assets are being hauled across the state, country, or the continent by a moving company. You would definitely want a transportation bond if this is in reality your current circumstance. These types of bonds insure your valuables in the event pretty much anything happens such as the truck catching fire, the belongings being stolen or the driver fails to show up at all, you are compensated for whatever is lost. While the loss or damage might not be extensive, you would still be covered for that loss. As an example, if the movers damage a mirror or break the leg off your kitchen table, you will be reimbursed for it. Of course, the moving company would very typically pay for these types of problems anyway. Yet, if the moving company fails to act or it turns out that they just outright stole your things with no intention to deliver them, then in that case, this is where a bond would come in handy because the bond company would pay your claim and then try to get repaid by the moving company.

Another instance where you might be glad to have a transportation bond is if you are getting a car transported for you. For example, say you bought an expensive sports car in Germany and are having it transported to you in Ohio. In case for some reason the company you contracted with failed to deliver for any reason or the car gets destroyed in any way, the bond would insure you get compensated for the loss. Once again, if it is a reliable company, then they would pay you if the car was damaged or never showed up. Nonetheless, in this day and age there seem to be lots of shady companies out there and if you happened to have hired one of them, they might deny that they owed you anything and then you could be in a serious financial bind. The bond company would investigate the situation in any event with a transportation bond and you would certainly get paid and the insurance provider would then go after the company which caused the loss. Not like any insurance you commonly pay for, bonds similar to this are totally different. This is something most professional businesses already have because it protects them, as well. However, if you are looking into employing a company to do some sort of major transportation for you, then guaranteeing that such a transportation surety bond is paid for and active would be a very important part of investigating them.

These types of transportation surety bonds nonetheless, only cover the goods you are having shipped to make sure you are protected up to a specific amount should the company refuse to pay in times of loss, damage or theft.

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