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Should You Consider Child Rider?: Loan Insurance US

Monday, August 4, 2014

Child Rider as It Is: An Investigation

As regards child riders, add-ons to term life insurance policy, hot debates have always existed there among people. Critics of this rider, majorly mothers, call it cruel. While ‘peace of mind’ is the pivot for an insurance purchase, how come you ask a parent ‘invest’ for his/her child’s burial? -- When mothers raise their index finger and ask, you cannot help keeping mum. In this article, we will discuss the issue. 

Then there remains the other section of people who take it more, if not wholly, casually. Or do they? Let us investigate. 

My investigation started with a question from a woman named Amelia who posted a question about child insurance in one of the big Q/A sites. (You may check the link.) So the situation that arose for her friend due to her child’s death left the poor soul devastated—unable for months to go to work and eventually lose her job. Amelia wanted to know if she could get ‘benefits’ from her child insurance in the event of …. . Harsh but real!

You know the answer— a child rider only covers burial costs in the event of a child’s demise. The reason for this is that children do not leave liabilities on us. The rider fees come to you in the form of funeral fees. 

Now let’s come to the point. Should you buy it? Well, when you buy child rider you actually buy insurance for your child. It comes as a policy the child can continue to covert to full coverage when s/he grows up. So it is more of an insurance policy than of a rider. Traditionally a rider by itself can never be converted to a policy. This exceptionality of the child rider makes it an insurance policy within an insurance policy. It is aimed at future insurance for your child. 

What happens to us, most people, is we get focused on the burial expenses point. The emotional factor puts you on strain. So methinks, getting the attitude righted could be a wise stand, at least financially. 

The benefits are for the child when s/he grows up. Your spending 3 to 5 dollars a month on your child can find him/her pathway to future insurance. S/he has security s/he deserves from you as a parent. It can help her/him for future education. For people who are financially behind, it is not an altogether bad idea.  A shift from emotional to financial attitude could be a worthwhile for everyone. 

You might wonder if we are suggesting being more financial and less human. The purpose of the author is not to suggest either. The article is aimed at discussing what a child rider is. Emotions are invaluably valuable when it comes to children. Insurance is nothing by them.

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