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An Apple or a Grape for Your Life Insurance Need

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The title sounds crazy, does it? Well then, when it comes to life insurance needmany people are in a dilemma. That is why ‘how much’ posts are rampant out there in the blogosphere. They exist because queries pop up, off and on. 

But putting an interrogative is much like asking if you need an apple or a grape for a meal. You surf the waves of webs and get confused. “ Darn it!” –you finally exclaim. 

So how do you calculate how much (life coverage) you need? Let not others decide it. Instead, the decision is yours—you choose the apple or you choose the grape. You need what you need. One can only suggest the things you should take into consideration. Here are some tips: 

Think of the Liabilities

While considering a life policy, it is good to think of the liabilities you have. Consider your car or home for this. Your insurance policy will have an execution period. That is, you can avail of the benefits after a certain period of time. Consider how much liability cost you will have on the very day of execution. Should anything happen to you, your liabilities will be covered. 

Think of the Responsibilities

Your wife, son or daughter are your responsibilities. Consider how much they will require in the event of your sudden departure on the very or any later than the policy execution day. Think of how long they will require the financial support that they might miss from you. Think of their education and other expenses for a standard life-style. 

Think of Financial Pitfalls
Habitually you might be prone to make it a budgetary thing. But, dear Secretary of the Treasury, it is always good to make it a surplus budget than a deficit one. It is always good to take into consideration the financial pitfalls in the national or regional economy. There might take place things like inflation in the future and affect your beloved ones. Be wise, do wise. 

Are Calculators Worth It?

There are numerous Life Insurance Needs Calculators, both independent and company-operated which instantly tell your needs based on the information you provide. You might try anyone of them. They are good so long as your calculations are right. You can try the LIN calculator of Statefarm.com  (click to try) which is a pretty fun way for a serious calculation.
Metlife.com  (click to try) also runs a good LIN calculator. Calcxml.com  (click to try) also gives you nice results. 

Image Credit Goes To: maxlifeinsurance.com


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