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Friday, June 13, 2014

Selling Old Car: Go Slow

Trade In
You know it. It is sell-to-buy method. You sell your used one. And the price goes to buying the new one. You can have it two ways:

You sell to the dealer and buy from him. You sell independently and buy from any dealer. The price goes to make the down.

Trade In: A Good Choice But

Your car is just getting old. And he is drinking too much (of petrol) of late, right? He is coughing and hiccupping (making noise) too often. He is taking too much rest (gets stopped here and there). He has just gone lazy (does not take easy start).

Maybe you have a nostalgic feeling for him. Maybe you feel attached to him. Or maybe you just have not given it any thought. After all, he takes me out around! – So you think. 

Your wife is right. Get rid of it. Get a new car. You argue about expenses. Or you argue you are not going to get right price. You are right unless you make it right. Confusing? 

Well, I mean if you can take a few right steps you can trade in your car for new one.


Prepare the Old Man

Yes. Get your car okayed first. Have essential repairs done. Get it repainted. Have some new decorations. Add some add-ons to it. Take it like you are leaving your old man in due honor. You will have threefold benefits. You will get better price. You will feel happy that you have not made your old friend a thrown-away-sale thing. (I mean selling it like you are just throwing it away.)And, the person who buys it will be happy that he has a car that you love.

Now That…

Your preparation is done, you need a buyer. So, man, who comes to your mind first as a potential buyer? Oh No! Do not go to him — the auto dealer first. Instead keep him as the fourth choice.

Try Out Ads
Put an ad in the classified section of your local daily newspaper. Mention the particulars. Maybe, someone has been looking for the brand. Or someone is looking for a temporary vehicle like yours for going around. Or if you are not willing to make a paid ad, go online. There are hundreds of websites you can publish your classified ad absolutely free. It is a plus for you that you can upload your car’s image on these sites. Give a nice and honest description. Mention your price. You can also mention if you are ready for a bargain or not. It saves you both time and money. You are on the advantage side.

Ask Your Circle
Yes, if your old man is not too old, you may find someone in your circle. Tell them you want to sell your car. There is possibility that you will have some positive result. One of the circle may offer you a price. Or they may help you find a buyer. This is the benefit of social networking. You are going to get better price for sure.

Go Online
Going online to car dealers is a good method. Give them description about your car (the way they ask. Mentioning model, mileage, manufacture etc.) and get the offer they have for you. Do not restrict your offer to one seller. Visit as many as five dealers. (BTW, do not change the description.)You will have a fair idea about the price. And if you want to trade in with them, choose the car of your choice. Check the one or the type you have in your mind is available with them. 

And be advised of scams! Online trading in can land you to the land of losers in the end. To avoid this, just stay cautious. See if the price they offer is way too bigger than it usually could be. See if they ask for some money in advance for some processing fees. And also see if they change numbers while talking to you over the phone.
(I would advise you to visit Alex Davies blog businessinsider to get better knowledge about scams.)

Sure, Alex will have you change your mind about trying online. But scams are not always taking place. There are honest businessmen out there, aren’t there? 

Auto Dealer

These are people who usually first come to our mind while considering a trade in. Go to him after you have finished the above options. They are pretty smart people. You are less likely to gain in cash value here, especially when there is trading in. He is going to get bucks two ways — from sale as well as purchase. So keep shopping. I suggest as many as ten, if possible. And wherever you go, remember to check if they have the car you are looking for. (There is a possibility that they will not have it if it is not in the trend.) So, keep one or two more alternatives as options. A better way is to do some study beforehand about your choice.

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