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ACA Obamacare—Benefits that You Receive: Loan Insurance US

Saturday, June 14, 2014

1. What health benefits do I receive under Obamacare?

Answer— You receive the following  basic benefits—

i) Outpatient Care— Provides out-patient doctoral support, same-day surgery center support and hospice care.

ii) Emergency Services—Immediate care considered emergency without which you could be led to disability or death. Covers emergency room rent and ambulance transportation.

iii) In-patient Care—You receive hospital staff support (of course, including physician) diagnostic services, in-hospital medication, surgeries, transplants, room service etc.

iv) If you are a female expecting a child, Obamacare provides you an all-out care—from prenatal to post-natal care. It also includes care for the newborn child.

v) Provides both in-patient and out-patient care to individuals (including those facing disorder conditions for substance abuse) who require mental health services. Covers counseling,behavioral therapy and psychotherapy. 

vi) You receive certain federally approved drugs prescribed by your physician.

vii) You receive rehabilitation services if you need to regain them as well as devices.

viii) You receive required tests and screenings for illnesses or conditions like breast cancer, prostate  issues etc for free. 

ix) Obamacare provides you care for chronic conditions like asthma or diabetes. 

x) You receive various preventive services under this program. So you have cholesterol, blood pressure, etc tested for free. You are provided essential immunizations.

xi) Obamacare provides pediatric services to your children until they are 26. They include dental care, eye exam and different immunity services.

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