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Auto Insurance for You- The Golden Rules: Loan Insurance US

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Car Insurance: Take a Tips Tour

A Tip from a Friend

When I first bought my bike, a friend one day gave me a tip— Take everyone else a-road granted for crazy. A great tip! I have seen several times my carefulness is not the only thing that matters. (It has saved me always, though.)  My counterparts have to be same careful what are they often not.
I have always preserved my friend’s advice as a gem for me.

Auto Insurance: You Need it

The term insurance kind of creates an assurance when you have it. However criticized, you probably need it. That is why it is out there---booming every fiscal year. Every kind of generic insurance is good when it comes to risks. But insurance for your vehicles is perhaps more of the most sinisterly popular types. You may shrug away life insurance if you feel financially secure. But you cannot escape getting your car insured. Either your state law requires you to get one or your wisdom does. To put it in the style of the bloggers—an accident is an accident is an accident. When you are careful, you may be the victim of it. When you are careless, you may be the cause of it.  Either way, you end up paying.

What You Need to Know

You are taken out of the boundaries when it comes to getting your auto insurance. This is especially true when you are new to it. By boundaries I mean what you have so long known about it. The same problem happens here! You did not know there is more to the term –auto insurance. And your broker is most likely to take advantage of your situation. As an insurance is an insurance, you are not likely to feel you are a loser though if you follow him blind. But it is your money going. So opening your eyes is wise. As accidents occur only accidentally, your insurance policy might be out of usefulness finally. That is why you need care about choosing what you choose. Here go some golden pieces of advice for you:

The Scarecrow of Occurrence

So how do you see it? You may be a cause of an accident. You may be the victim of an accident as well. If you are the cause, you end up paying to the victim. If you are the victim, you have the relief or do you? No nonsense, right? Stats on accidents scare you dead. News of mishaps drives you crazy. Scoop of your favorite celeb’s paying in $ millions for a car crash make you go nuts.
What should you do? Do not put too much emphasis on these. What if tripped over a banana peel and…..? Scare the crow away.

The Legal Part Matters Most

You are most probably considering insurance because you are going to have to. You have the legal obligation from the state government side. Why would you pay bigger premiums for that? Get a plan that helps you legally and saves you frugally. You cannot ignore the compulsory policy. Have it made.

But remember there are plans, plans and plans. 

Make It a Christmas Matter

There are optional plans for you. Each has their own coverage. Each has their own price. Which one is not worth it? Well, when you browse them, you find none worthless. That is why they are there. The more is not always the merrier. Take a middle road.
And yes, every personal money adviser will tell you to shop around. This is good. Choose to choose. Go shop like you do for the Christmas. You will feel finally lucky that you are buying the same product at a cheaper rate from a different company that you last talked to.

Talk to the Guy Next Door

Perhaps you know some independent insurance agent. This is time you give him a hoot. This man is a better friend for you than a company agent or broker. He has a wider range of options for you than a broker.
If you cannot somehow do so, don’t just jump at online ads. Before you make a decision, make sure you are not getting trapped in any scam.

Bring the Chaff out

I am going to tell you nothing new here. Basically you have two insurance types—compulsory and optional. It is always good to consider add-ons.  
As regards optional, take some time before you decide. Policies are made so you find each and every one of them useful. They will drag you in. Take your time.

Cheapest Insurance Policy?

Of late, cheapest auto insurance policy has been a catchphrase around. We are running after it like mad. No doubt we should not be carried away by the scarecrow of occurrence. But does that mean we should go after the cheapest car insurance policy? It is no insignificant a question. To repeat the blog-phrase: an accident is an accident is an accident. A coverage consideration is not too bad when it really happens. So think well before signing up for a $19 auto insurance.

Value Your Car’s Value

Yes, you should value your car’s value. If it is a $80,00000 piece, you should not just go for any one of the policies. Instead, think about your car’s price. Your coverage should stand up to it.

Don’t Count on Eggs of Uncertainties

Money is a great mesmerizer.  Even the least imaginative person sees things when he sees bigger sums. Every zero in the right is a great puzzler. Any personal attachment to that figure is likely to add more colors to them. Beware! Your auto insurance is no investment. Don’t count eggs of uncertainties called accidents.

Think Well of the Suitability Theory

There is a suitability theory for insurance. You are advised to choose the policy that best suits your need. Good advice, no doubt. So what does it suit at all? Can accidents be ‘suitable’? I find this ridiculous. But you can do one thing to suit it to your suitability. If you want the policy to suit to your probable needs, the best way is to suit it to your capacity as well. And perhaps you have heard many people whine over paying a thousand dollars biannually, haven’t you? It is not uncommon to leave it half-way then and get another policy for coverage. Often there is no refunding.
Wisdom is rewarding.

Good to Hear But….

Higher deductibles, lower premiums—goes the advice. Is this good? How wisely? Methinks, each advice is based on some solid base. But sometimes you need to reconsider at times. You need to consider twice before sticking to this advice.
If you live in an area which is accident-prone, perhaps this is not a blind piece of good advice for you. So even if you cater to the rule, be sure of your deductible affordability.

Going Online?

Are you going online shopping? It saves time and money. Make sure the company really and legally exists. Scamming is a booming biz nowadays.

The Final Five One Liners

Make sure your insurance company is a brand name.

Make sure you have clearly understood the policy you are signing up.

Make sure the policy life-time is well-calculated.

Make sure you have the discount benefits, if applicable.

Be sure you have the right to change your coverage or policy with refund right at your will.


So How Do You Decide the BEST CAR INSURANCE?

Pay heed to these three things:

What you need.
What you want.
What you can afford. 

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