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Medicare Advantage Plan Discussed: Loan Insurance US

Friday, July 11, 2014

Medicare Advantage- Your Confusions Cleared


What is Medicare Advantage Plan:
Medicare Advantage Plan (aka Part C) is a private health insurance aimed to supplement your Original Medicare (Part A and B). When you are on MAP, your OM ceases to work, so to say. That is your healthcare issues are placed from OM to MAP. Surprisingly, you keep paying for your OM. You also keep paying for your MAP insurance.
You probably should note that your insurer gets paid by the OM and your OM pays you when you require hospice care. (MAP does not cover hospice.)

You Might Wonder Why You Need Them, then
Yes, why would you need them, then? You may reasonably ask. You pay your bucks into two holes—for one service! You are often led to believe that it is a matter of option that you grab or let go. Right it sounds but not rightly right. In fact, it is a traditional half-truth whole truth story.
MAP Has Its Benefits for You:
Yes, MAP is not absolutely an optional option. Instead, it is a very selective option. It lies in the fact that MAP provides some benefits extra to the OM.  For example, your OM does not cover some services like dental care, auricular (hearing) or vision care; while MAP does. Likewise you may receive wellness benefits, preventive care and gym benefits too. MAP premiums are not big bucks too. Some MAPs are even premium-free. Some plans cover Medicare transportation coverage. What is another plus is your many of the MAPs incorporate part D (drug coverage. Co-pays for doctor visits are pretty charming low: around fifteen dollars per visit only.
Oh Yes! Each of the MAPs (HMO, PPO, PFFS, SNP and MSA) has their own particular coverage, deductibles, premiums and co-pays.
Don’t Just Get Carried Away Too Soon!
Yes, they are enticing. But think before you leap out at it. You need to give the plan a hawk’s eye before you decide. Remember—
One) Whatever your premium might be, you are paying it twice as much. Think if the math works for you.
Two) Don’t forget you will be on an in-network service while you are on MAP.
Three) You will require to have an Okay cert from your primary physician to see a specialist or get at a particular service center. This is like getting a visa to enter another country. You might find it boring.
Four) MAPs are annual contracts with your provider. Renewal is their choice, not yours.
Five) Premiums, copays, deductibles are subject change which is usually prone to be on the increase tilt.
Six) If you are a Medicare frequenter, you may have to pay in big from your pocket.
Now that You Have Decided! 
Affirmatively, you need to know how you can sign yourself up for it. Your sign-up season starts the day you are eligible for your Original Medicare—three months prior to and three months posterior to your 65th birth anniversary. The annual sign up season continues through 15 November to 31 December.  You can join it the following three ways:
One)  By signing up to www.medicare.gap website
Two) By  filling in and submitting an application form
Three) By calling Medicare at 800-633-4227.

And, God forbid, if you are on social security disability benefits, you must wait for 24 months for a sign-up.
Not Loving It!
If it so happens that you do not like the plan you signed up for, you can switch to any of the 18 MAPs available out there. And this is easy! You simply sign up for the plan you choose and the migration takes place by itself. 
A Forewarning!
There are MAPs that you should go well through before you sign up for. Your group health insurance may go void when you sign up for it. Not only you but also your family members may be deprived of their benefits in that case. So it is good to inform your group insurance maker before you sign up. 

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