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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Second-hand Car Buying:  No Rush

Rita Desai's Story

Imagine a genie, holding his palms out at you. If you choose me you could be living in the mars — his right hand offer says. His left hand says—If you choose me, you will have a US green card. For many, I believe, the left hand offer will weigh weightier. America has been the dream of the world for the fortune seekers, not mars. 

Rita Desai’s story is something like that. While she had a PhD for a groom in her own country India, her parents chose a store clerk Nagarjun Patel for her in 2006. The reason is obvious— Patel’s US citizenship. Rita emigrated to the US in October, 2007, almost a year later. She joined a departmental store as a salesclerk. For two years, they saved for a new car. But finally they understood it was not easy. They opted for a used car. 
Their hearts were full of thrill and joy when they got the key of the little man. Rita was happy it was purple, her favorite color. She was happier she could support her husband. Patel was no less happy. It was the biggest gift he was giving to her newly-wed wife. 

Soon, their joys knew bounds. In a matter of months the car began to show symptoms that it was a repainted junk. True none of Rita or Patel’s family members back in India had a car, but it would be better if they had none of this sort here either. The lamented. 

Why did this happen? A simple mistake—they did not know how they should have proceeded. Keeping Rita and Patel’s story in view, I am giving you some influential tips as regards buying a used car. Hope you will find them useful. 

Familiarity Breeds Confidence

Yes, familiarity does not only breed contempt but also creates confidence. THIS is true when it comes to buying a used or old car. It is good if the seller is familiar with you. Some friend, colleague or relative can be a good choice. The reason is these people will be respectful to the bond that they have with you. You can take it almost granted.

ON THE OTHER HAND, you may have first-hand knowledge of the used car you are going to buy from any of them. You have the mental peace you need when you buy a second-hand car from them.

There is more to it. These people are not commercial. And they will not bargain with you. You buy the car pretty hassle-free.

Have a Hawk’s Eye

While buying a car, the first thing we attach importance to is its looks. Don’t be carried away by the external beauty of a used car. That beauty is only skin-deep is nowhere more true than here. Beauty counts while you are buying a new car. Don’t just fall for it as soon as you see it (Unless you have that good eyes, of course.) Scrutinize it up and down. See if it is alright everywhere — no rust, no scratch, no fixes. Okay? Then proceed to talks. 

Lend Your Ears

Are you a good driver? That is good. Take a test drive. Keep your ears open so that you understand how the car serves. Ears, you know, are often better than the eyes. Isn’t this true about driving? And if you think you need more experience to test the car, go get a driver you know or trust. 

Get a Selfie

A car is no less important that a girl-friend, is it? (an innocent attitude!) So you should have an imagery of a selfie of yourself. How are you going to feel in it? If you think it is going to be alright then you may go ahead. Else, you are going to resell it sooner than you thought you would use it. Make this mind thing a family issue. Or it should be a family issue if you are not single. Take your dear ones to see the car. Make sure everyone likes it. 

Take It NSA-way  

Yes, sometimes it so happens we decide so quickly. While buying an old car, you had better take it no-string-attached way. Remember you are doing commerce. So be wise to have a commercial attitude. Think about the resale value of the car. Think about how long it is going to serve you hassle free. Think about what mileage it is going to give you. Do not ignore the issue of if it can fulfill the purpose you are buying it for. Also think how long it has already been used for. Be sure if you are going to have to invest for repairing it. Get help of a mechanic. Add the probable cost to the price you are going to have to pay. 

You must have been gasping reading so much, right? Okay, before I finish…

Who, Where, Wherever

It is important to take who you are buying a used car for. If it is a dealer, make sure you double-check everything. Often, they present you with old wine in new bottle. If it is from some online store, do not count on the image or information they provide. Make sure they have their showroom around. Visit it in person. 

And wherever you buy your old car from, make sure all the necessary documents are okay.


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